Other charity effort

Little Dreams Foundation.

A few years ago in Switzerland I had the pleasure of meeting the musical superstar Phil Collins.   Following a couple of social meetings where we got to know and like each other, he outlined his plans for a new project which he was creating with his wife Orianne.   Little Dreams exists to assist talented youngsters - to give them a leg up on their own particular road to success.

In one sense it was the opposite end of the spectrum in which Winds of Hope was operating and when Phil and Orianne asked me to become one of their foundation's 'Godfathers', I was more than delighted to accept.


Handiflight and Aerobility.

Handiflight is an organisation based in Gruyere, Switzerland, formed in 2007 in order to encourage the formation of, and offer facilities for disabled pilots.   It was conceived initially as a school project by a very talented student Sarah Ramseier.   With the help of her father, Daniel, who is a pilot in the flying club of Gruyere, it has evolved into an organisation which hosts disabled pilots from all over the world to it's bi-annual events.   With the sponsorship of Breitling, these events facilitate the experience of various forms of flying - gliding, ballooning, parascending, parachuting etc. for the participants.   In addition to having fun, it provides an ideal forum for discussion not only between various national clubs, but with members of the press, representatives of government, the civil aviation authorities and other representative bodies.   The aim is to provide flying opportunites for any disabled person who wishes to experience the freedom of the sky and potentially train as a pilot.

As the honourary president of Handiflight, I have had the priviledge of meeting many new friends who share a love of flying, but who also demonstrate courage and a remarkable determination to overcome the difficulties imposed by their own personal disabilities.   They all have, and continue to, inspire me.   See the full set ofphotos here.

Some of these friends are my fellow countrymen who operate the British organisation Aerobility (formerly the British Disabled Flying Association).   Aerobility aims to deliver the chance to share the magic of flight to any and all on equal terms.
I am honoured to act as one of it's ambassadors.


St Peter's Hospice.

St Peter’s Hospice is Bristol’s only adult hospice caring for local people with terminal illnesses.   It is where I turned for help and support during the latter stages of my mother's life.  They were wonderful.

I support their fundraising efforts in any way I can and will always admire the caring and loving way they carry out their immensely important function in the community.